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Pit is a new programming language invented by Leif Pedersen (User:Bilbo). He started working on it in 2004. The name "Pit" simply comes from "", and isn't an acronym or anything.


This page is totally disorganized. I write about parts of the language as I feel inspired. Eventually, this will be a complete set of documentation on the language. In the meantime, I hope it is useful, but I feel my time is better spent working on the compiler.

Progress on Pit happens in bursts, because work and class must take priority.

You can get the latest work from my CVS repository by executing:

cvs -d "" co pit
  • Purpose
    • Automatic memory allocation allows us to easily write code that does not have allocation errors (such as buffer overruns and integer overflows). Automatic memory allocation is an important form of Abstraction that was not yet available for low-level programming.
    • Support optional automatic memory allocation. The code can use automatic allocation for some things and manual allocation for other things. When using manual allocation, there is no performance penalty to using Pit instead of C (when compared using compilers of equivalent quality).
    • Targeted at low-level programs including kernels.
    • Replace C. C is antiquated. It was great when it was invented, but languages have advanced dramatically since C was invented.
    • This language is self-hosting. It requires no VM or interpreter, and so the compiler, libraries, OS, etc can all be written in Pit.