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  • 2006, September: I started working on the library to support auto variables. The code for translating operations on auto variables into function calls was already done, but there were no functions to call. This work is pretty fun. This library is written in Pit, so it's the first non-trivial code written in Pit. I also started executing the first trivial test programs for demonstrating that auto variables work.

Below are guesses at back-dated entries.

  • 2006, summer: Lots of work on a paper describing how Pit will help security and portability.
  • 2005: Finished most of the "core" stuff on pit-pasm, the program to translate from Pit into my intermediate pseudo-assembly language. I think this is when I finally decided how to implement exceptions.
  • 2004, summer: Finished most of the major work on pasm-nasm, the program to translate from my intermediate pseudo-assembly language into nasm-style x86-32 assembly language.
  • 2004'ish: Started work on the compiler with some specific and some vague ideas in mind. I knew I wanted a compiled language that could do both manual and automatic allocation. I didn't even really know how to write a compiler (this being my first), so I had some false starts. Although many things were vague at the time, as work progressed, my ideas became very well-developed. After about a year, my conception of the language stopped changing, except for some minor details.